Wow! These WWII GI’s Show They Can Still Boogie!

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After all these years they’ve still got the moves!

While waiting for an honor flight  back home to Kentucky, this group of WWII vets suddenly heard a familiar tune.  It was “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” sung by Ladies for Liberty, just like the original done by the Andrews Sisters in the 1940’s.

This familiar dance song moved several of the nonagenarians (persons in their 90’s) to get up and ‘cut a rug”.   These guys still have the moves as the video below shows.  (No doubt these guys killed it countless times on many a dance floor in their time!)

Here’s just another reason why this is the Greatest Generation.

Be sure to watch the heart-warming video below.  We all should be so agile at 90!

Some WWII veterans were waiting for their plane to arrive when some familiar 1940s hits started playing. When the Ladies of Liberty started singing “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” these WWII veterans couldn’t resist the urge to dance.

You would never know these veterans are in their 90s with their sharp and energetic dance moves as they twirled and hopped around the airport! I felt like I was in a time machine as I watched them dance to a song they clearly dominated back in the day.


Watch the priceless video right now!

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