Why Were Mizzou ROTC Cadets Ordered NOT To Wear Uniforms On Veterans Day?

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Death threats force cadets to temporarily ditch uniforms

There’s been alot of news coverage lately on the University of Missouri.  The university president and another top administrator recently resigned amid pressure from black activists who demanded their ouster because of real or perceived racial injustices on campus.  Proud to Serve Digest believes any kind of racism should not be tolerated.

However, during this unsettling time, a new threat was issued, this time against military veterans.  A few days before Veterans Day in Columbia, Missouri a hand written letter was received by the local VFW post which claimed to threaten the lives of white veterans.  We believe this is an act of hate, if not terrorism.  This should not be tolerated.

The immediate reaction on campus was to instruct Army and Air Force ROTC units to not wear their uniforms to class.  Also, all training sessions were cancelled for their safety.

As it turns out, the death threats appeared to be be bogus.  But its a sad day when we have to protect those brave young men and women who are training to protect us.

Check out the news clip below which outlines the string of events.  

COLUMBIA – Members of Army ROTC at MU were ordered not to wear their uniforms for this week.


MU professor of military science Lt. Col. Todd Perodeau originally gave the order via email Monday in response to a threat received at Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 202 in Columbia….


Lt. Col. Brent J. Unger from the Department of Aerospace Studies responded to KOMU 8 News Thursday after waiting for further information from higher authorities to speak with reporters.

“The American Legion Post 202 received a letter over the weekend threatening veterans,” Unger said. “As a standard force protection measure, the Army and Air Force ROTC units instructed their cadets to wear civilian clothes while the threat persisted. The letter was soon found to be spurious, but the Army and Air Force ROTC units decided to keep their units in civilian clothes for the remainder of the week in response to the uncertain security environment on the MU campus. The ROTC units at Mizzou want to dispel any rumors or fears that ROTC cadets or midshipmen were specifically targeted for attack. The ROTC units at Mizzou also want to thank the public for their strong support of our programs, especially as we recognize veterans this week.”

Source KOMU News    Featured Image Source

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