Why Does Trump Claim ‘I Always Thought I Was In The Military’?

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Does 5 years in a military academy count?

Like many candidates before him, Donald Trump has an new biography about to be released.  The book is entitled “Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success.”  He recently gave an interview to the New York Times where he discussed his affinity to the military.

Trump attended New York Military Academy for 5 years and graduated in 1964.  He received four deferments while attending Fordham University and Wharton Business School before joining his father’s real estate firm in 1968.   He believes his life at the military academy gave him a unique insight into the military mind.

In the interview he discussed the medical reasons for his deferments, something he has been mum about all these years.

Read an excerpt from the article below and let us know how you feel about The Donald’s military affection.




Donald Trump did not serve in the military, but according to a report, the Republican presidential candidate and multibillionaire business tycoon said in a forthcoming book that he still “always felt that I was in the military” because he attended a military boarding school and “dealt with those people.”

According to an upcoming biography and interview excerpts shared with The New York Times, Trump said that his five years at the New York Military Academy provided him with “more training militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military…

…Trump, who received multiple draft deferments and a high draft lottery number during the Vietnam War, took off a shoe to explain the heel spurs that prompted the medical deferments. The Vietnam war, he added, “was a mistake.”trump military 2

You can get the entire story here on Politico

Image Source: Megyn Kelly


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