Why Did 100 Citizens, a Sheriff and 2 State Reps Join This Vet In Standoff Against the VA?

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You won’t believe what the government is trying to do to him.

Is the VA working to disarm vets?

We posted a similar story earlier this week, of the ATF, FBI and VA joining forces to confiscate firearms of vets and social security recipients  who happened to check a certain box on paperwork regarding financial help.

Well, this story about an Idaho vet has gone viral, so we wanted you to have it.

Citing the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act , the VA determined that this vet’s mild stroke, made him “incompetent” to own guns.  They sent him a letter informing him he was in violation of this law and dispatched an inspector to confiscate his guns.

But a group of over 100 concerned citizens, including a county Sheriff and two state reps staged a standoff at the vet’s home, and for the moment stopped this deplorable miscarriage of the law.


Read a snippet of the story below and check out the video.

… Indeed, the VA sent a veteran a letter stating they would be sending an inspector/officer to his home to confiscate his firearms. Why? Because he checked a box on his paperwork stating that he gets assistance dealing with his finances.The inspector was schedule to confiscate the guns yesterday (August 6). That plan quickly fell apart, however, when the County Sheriff, two State Representatives and about 100 local patriots rallied at the vet’s home to protect him from the 2nd amendment violation.

A group of residents in northern Idaho lined up outside a U.S. Navy veteran’s house on Thursday to protest claims that federal officials are planning on confiscating the man’s weapons.

Idaho Republican state Rep. Heather Scott of Blanchard said the Veteran Affairs office has sent a letter to John Arnold of Priest River warning him that he cannot possess or purchase firearms.

The protest …attracted roughly 100 people. Among them were Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler, who promised to stand guard against any federal attempts to remove Arnold’s guns, and Republican Washington state Rep. Matthew Shea of Spokane Valley, who described the event as a “defiance against tyranny.”

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