Where Do Veterans Stand On Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal?

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What is the real cost of war?

The Iran Nuclear Deal evokes emotions on both sides, for and against.  But what do veterans think?  How do the men and women who put boots on the ground in the Middle East feel about this controversial proposal?

Recently a group of veterans had the opportunity to participate in a roundtable discussion with the President and some Cabinet members to discuss this volatile issue.  They were asked to express their feelings on the real costs of war.

Many in attendance had lost friends and loved ones in the Middle East conflicts.  All have sacrificed much.  And the majority confirmed that they have no desire to revisit the failed strategies of the past.

You can read an excerpt of this interesting view and watch a video of our Commander in Chief as he expresses his appreciation to our military.


obama veterans roundtable iran deal

Veterans participated in a roundtable with President Obama today on the Iran deal where the President stressed the real costs of war and the reality of what the Republican opposition to diplomacy means for the country.

During his remarks at a veterans roundtable on the Iran nuclear agreement, the President said:

“There are times where, in a debate like this, we hear a lot of loose talk, casual threats of military force, false promises that military actions will be easy or simple or relatively costless. These veterans and their families remind us that that is not the case. They know the consequences when we rush into war. They understand what it means when we act without broad international support and when we fail to consider unintended consequences…

Because we live in a complicated world and we live in a world where terrible things happen, and American leadership is going to be vital in addressing those issues.

But the one principle that I want us to remember every time we make a decision is that American power is not restricted just to our military actions, that we have a lot of tools in the toolkit, and that we have to try to solve problems without resort to military force, understanding that at the end of the day, there may be times where we have to act militarily, but we don’t do so as a first resort and we certainly don’t do so on the basis of political considerations. Because the sacrifices are too significant, and the stakes are too high. And I think these veterans and Gold Star family members, they can remind us of that each and every day.”

Unlike the vast majority of the Republicans who oppose this agreement, veterans know the costs of war in the Middle East. They have lived it, seen it, and many have lost their lives for a war in the Middle East…

You can read the entire story on Politicus USA

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