What Did This Texas Man Do That’s Got Combat Vets Fuming?

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Is he supporting veterans or pushing his own agenda?

Recently Texas passed legislation to allow the open carry of firearms.  Seems like something Texas would do.  However, a Texas man, himself a veteran, has taken on a mission to thwart the open carry right.

The man is Art Leal.  He served in Desert Storm as a tank mechanic.  His mission is to stop businesses from allowing people openly carrying firearms from entering their places of business, even though that is in compliance with the new law.  He is attempting to do this by passing out cards in these places that basically say he has PTSD and the sight of a firearm is a psychological trigger.

Leal stresses he is in favor of the Second Amendment when it comes to concealed carry permits.  His beef is with open carry.

His actions have many vets “up in arms.”  They don’t agree with his message and feel he does not speak for all veterans.

Check out below what some vets have to say about Leal’s crusade.

open carry

Whatever Leal’s issues may be, other veterans haven’t looked to kindly on him for declaring himself the grand pubah of veteran PTSD and for claiming firearms and veterans don’t mix…

…Drew Norman, an Army veteran who deployed to Iraq veteran and was awarded the Purple Heart, posted to Leal’s page:


Of course, that post was deleted by Leal himself in less than two minutes. But Norman wasn’t the only veteran to take notice:


Seems like Art Leal is pimping out his service and using it to push an agenda on the backs of veterans who absolutely disagree with him.

Source:  Tribunist  Featured Image Source

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