[VIDEO] Wounded Marine’s Homecoming Like You’ve Never Seen Before

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Emotional welcome home for wounded warrior

Lance Cpl. Ivan Sears served his country as a Marine.  Tragically, while in Afghanistan, an IED explosion took both of his legs.

After long hard months of operations and rehab, this wounded warrior was allowed to return home to New Mexico.

He expected a hero’s welcome, but what he got was something he’d never seen before.  And what the crowd witnessed at his homecoming will blow you away.

Break out your tissues, because this video will bring tears to your eyes.


Read about this wounded veteran’s story below and be sure to watch the video.

homecoming 2

…But this brave man’s life changed forever during one fateful moment while out on routine patrol.

An improvised explosive device detonated near his feet while he scanned the area for enemies. He lost both of his legs in the terrific explosion.

Sears was thrown into five unexpected months of grueling rehabilitation and recovery. But he was making steady progress toward a better future. After getting himself out of critical condition, he was given leave to return home.

He knew that he would get a warm “welcome home” from members of his home town which usually included about 20-50 people, but never did he expect what you’ll see in the video below…

…The warm welcome, which included about 400 people from across the state, astounded Sears. While Sears still has a lot of recovery left ahead of him, with that much love and support, he is on the fast-track to good health…

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