‘VA Is Lying’ – Marine Vet Blasts Message on Florida Billboards

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And Veterans Are Dying

That’s the message this Marine veteran is blasting on two bright yellow billboards in Orlando and Daytona.  According to the vet, Roger Gagnon, the VA’s claims of improved service and wait times is just not true.   He sees no improvement and is very concerned for recently and soon to be discharged veterans.

He’s so fired up about this that he’s forked over $2175 to pay for the billboards on his own.  He wants the message out there and figures this is a good way to do it.

He’s also got a Facebook group with the same message.  You can check it out.  There are lots of great images on the page, including a few around the message “Veteran’s Lives Matter”.

You can read a snippet of the story below:


Fox 35 News


Two huge billboards in Central Florida paid for by a Marine veteran are advertising the message that the Veterans Affairs Administration is lying about their improved service for veterans.

Roger Gagnon paid $775 for an Orlando billboard and $1,400 for another near Daytona Beach to send his message for one month. The billboard, boasting a bright yellow background, read, “VA is lying, veterans are dying.”

… “It’s not about me, I’m all set. This is about the people who are in the service and the ones who are fixing to go in the service.” …“They got that last nerve of mine that I just got to the point where I said, ‘I’ll eat Ramen noodles for a month, but I’m going to let them know that I’m upset.’”

You can read the entire article here.


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