VA Hospitals Could Close While $4.6 Billion Is Funded To Syrian Refugees

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Is Obama betraying veterans?

No one is saying the Syrian refugee crisis does not need attention from the U.S.  But its inconceivable that the dollars for humanitarian aid are coming at the expense of the veterans.  What’s especially unbelievable is that this is happening in light of the recent horrendous revelation that over 307,000 veterans have possibly died while waiting for care from the VA.

Who is responsible?  Who is accountable?  Apparently not the VA, not Congress and not the President.

We think justice would be served if the same medical treatment standards were enforced on government legislators and executives, and bureaucrats  as is currently available to those brave heroes who have served our country.

While Obama is trying to secure his legacy as a peace maker, the military veterans who fought to make this country great and safe are neglected and dying.

Find out what Congress did to fix this atrocious attack on our vets

It would seem like a contradiction in terms to reference yourself as “The Commander In Chief” while actually betraying those men under your command, however that exactly what is taking place!…

…The Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Robert McDonald, told Congress that if they do not receive $2.6 billion more in funds, they will have to deny veterans the care they deserve.

After discussing the possibility of closing some of the VA hospitals, Congress passed an emergency spending bill worth $3.5 billion.

In short while veteran’s are struggling to survive under a bureaucracy of corruption and incompetence, the “Commander in Chief”  will spend $4.5 billion dollars  in order to help rebuild Syria while also addressing the refugee camps scattered throughout Europe…betrayal does indeed have a price.

Source US Herald

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