The VA Won’t Cover Most Dental Care, But These Dentists Will – For Free

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MouthMobile traveling coast to coast to meet veteran’s most urgent dental needs

Dental care is one of the top three unmet needs of veterans.  Yet in order to qualify for VA care the veteran must have been a prisoner of war, gotten the dental condition while in service, or be 100% disabled.  These are tough hurdles.

Improper dental care can lead to other serious health disorders like heart disease and stroke.

But Aspen Dental’s Healthy Mouth Movement program is determined to help veterans with this problem.  They’ve partnered with the non-profit Got Your 6 and in 2015 delivered free dental care to almost 4000 veterans.

To find out what you need to know about Aspen Dentall Healthy Mouth Movement scroll to the bottom of the page.

Check out one vet’s amazing story below and find out more about the Healthy Mouth Movement program


mouth2“I was trying to get my teeth worked on for three years. They wouldn’t do it,” Bell, who served three tours in Iraq and two in Afghanistan before retiring in 2013, told The Huffington Post. “I can get major surgery done, but I can’t get my teeth done.”…

…But now, even veterans who don’t meet those criteria and don’t have the funds to pay for dental care, have a company they can turn to that will take them in for free.

As part of its growing efforts to support underserved patients, Aspen Dental, which has more than 500 offices nationwide, dispensed a mobile unit throughout the country for the first time last year. And after seeing one vet after another file into the 42-foot trailer-turned-dental-facility, the company decided to take a more proactive approach to serving former servicemen and servicewomen.

This year, the organization partnered with Got Your 6, a nonprofit that supports veterans, mobilized its dentists around the country and served more than 4,000 veterans in need of dental care, Chedly Vincent, director of clinical support and community giving, told HuffPost. That came to $2.8 million in donated services.

The group hopes to improve veterans’ appearances so they have better chances of securing employment, and also to prevent major health issues. Forgoing cleanings and other routine procedures can lead to a number of issues, including periodontal disease, which raises risks for stroke and heart disease, Vincent added.

Bell, 49, was one of those veterans who benefited from the new program.

Before connecting with Aspen, Bell says his mouth’s decrepit state turned him into a recluse.

Of his 20 remaining teeth, only one was deemed healthy enough to stay put.

“I didn’t go out in public,” Bell said. “I had such an ugly smile, I didn’t get out at all.”

He told HuffPost that the VA repeatedly turned him down for dental care and didn’t provide him with any information about potential plans he could even pay for.

But Bell says he’s now feeling confident about putting those plans into action after getting a full workup at an Aspen Dental office in Bryant, Arkansas.

Last Thursday, Eric Sharks, a veteran who served in the Air Force in the ‘80s, volunteered to see Bell and do whatever it took to care of his numerous conditions….

Get the rest of Bell’s story here:  Source Huffington Post  Image Source

You can find out what you need to know about Aspen Dental Healthy Mouth Movement – click on the next page.

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