The Original ‘American Sniper’ – Lethal Vietnam War Marine

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4th deadliest sniper in American history recounts his most dangerous mission

Gunnery Sgt. Carlos Hathcock’s courageous exploits as a sniper and soldier made him a Marine Corps legend.  He is also credited for developing the modern day sniper training program used by the Marines.

Although Hathcock was mostly renown as a deadly sniper, he was also a brave soldier who refused recognition.  He was awarded the Silver Star for his selfless act of rescuing 7 marines from a burning vehicle that had struck a mine.  All this while receiving burns to 90% of his body.

In the video, Hathcock, now deceased, describes one of his most dangerous missions, to take out a Vietnamese general.  To accomplish this, he had to crawl 1500 yards, mostly on his side to avoid leaving a trail, over the course of 3 days to track down his enemy, make the kill and escape from enemy lines.

We salute you, Carlos Hathcock.  May you rest in peace.

Check out the rare pictures of Hathcock below and be sure to scroll down to the bottom to hear the exciting story in his own words. 

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