Some Warriors Thought This Was Their Last Hope To Be Healed

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How Horses Can Help Veterans Recover From The Invisible Wounds of Combat

Equine therapy has proven to be a powerful agent in the recovery process for combat veterans struggling with mental health issues.

This beautiful video shows how two Army veterans found healing through working with horses at a Virginia retreat.   Now they are healing others.

“The nation is responsible for getting these guys back from combat, back from war and back into society.  These guys can be healed.” – Bobby Farmer, Master Sergeant, US Army (RET)

This video was filmed at the Boulder Crest Retreat, located in Bluemont, VA.  It’s the nation’s first privately funded rural wellness center.  It’s mission is to help combat veterans and their families heal physically, spiritually, emotionally and economically and to help them embark on a new life of service and purpose here, at home.

Click the image to watch their heart warming story.


“As a nation, we have a responsibility and opportunity to provide the healing, support and guidance required for combat veterans and their families to prepare for their new mission – a life of passion, purpose and service – here at home. That is precisely why we built Boulder Crest Retreat and we see the benefits of our approach and the safe and peaceful setting the Retreat provides every single day.”

— Ken Falke, Boulder Crest Retreat Founder and Chairman of the Board

Source – Boulder Crest Retreat

Video courtesy of National Geographic



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