Government Shutdown Threatens To Stall Military and Veterans Paychecks

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No telling what it will do to the VA

Congress is threatening to shutdown the government over funding to Planned Parenthood.  While to some this is a huge issue because along with providing critical medical services to women who could otherwise not afford them, this organization also performs abortions (which are not and never have been funded by the government.)

However, Conservatives are taking a stand on this issue, insisting that a measure to remove funding to Planned Parenthood be included in the budget.  The Dems won’t agree, and Obama won’t sign off on it, so the inevitable impasse threatens to shut down the government.

The consequences will be far reaching.  The effects on military personnel and their families will be devastating.  The effects on veterans will be catastrophic.  By the way, everyone has to show up for work, just don’t expect to get paid.

It’s safe to say people in both of these groups live paycheck to paycheck.  So missing one or two paychecks while Congress figures out how to play nice is going to cause a lot of harm to those most responsible for this county’s liberties and freedoms.


You can read a snippet of the idiotic story here. 


If Congress does not approve a new budget by Sept. 30, the federal government will be forced to shut down, closing all but the most essential government services. The military won’t be forced to stop operating, but the effects of the shutdown ripple through the entire military community.

While military personnel must still report for duty, their scheduled salary payments will stall. After Congress gets its act together, personnel should receive back wages for work performed during the shutdown.

However, the length of this military-wide furlough depends on how long it takes for Congress to work out a spending bill everyone agrees on. In 2013, federal employees were furloughed for 16 days…

Meanwhile, military veterans may lose a vital lifeline. Vets saw a disruption in their benefits and reduced VA services during the 2013 shutdown. The VA has said that its hospitals will stay open if the government closes, but its endless effort to whittle down the backlog of disability claims will slow. Again, this only stops when Congress makes a move.

You can read all the stupidity here.

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