Despite Snowstorm Teen Honors Fallen Vets By Playing Bagpipes at Cemetery

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Through numb fingers this teen showed true honor

Colin Lewis is a freshman at Arapahoe HS.  On this Veterans Day he got an excused absence from his father so he could play the bagpipes at Logan National Cemetery in honor of the fallen veterans.

Lewis has a personal connection to veterans, as both his grandfathers and his uncle served in the military and he has several friends currently serving.

The snowstorm that day forced the Veterans Day activities to relocate indoors, but Lewis planned to play outside all day, despite the weather.

After graduation Colin hopes to join the Marines.

We salute Colin Lewis for his self-sacrificing gift to veterans and their families on Veterans Day.

Watch the video below of his patriotic act.

DENVER – There are more than 400,000 veterans living in Colorado, and there are thousands of others with ties to the state who are no longer with us.

People gathered at the Fort Logan National Cemetery to pay their respects on Wednesday.

A formal Veteran’s Day ceremony was originally supposed to be held at 11 a.m. at the cemetery, but that was moved inside to the the VFW Post because of the snowstorm in the forecast.

Instead, 15-year-old Colin Lewis skipped school and played bagpipes from 10 a.m. to about 2 p.m. in the snow – simply because he wanted to.

“I felt like our veterans, fallen or still with us, deserved a very blatant show of gratitude,” Lewis said. “I decided to do that with my bagpipes.”

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