Busted! Trump’s Veterans Charity is a Scam!

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Trump duped or just a dope?

Vet has a new meaning when it comes to Donald Trump’s campaign.  Vet, meaning check out your associates.  While Trump claims to be all for our military and veterans, (see related story) he really shames himself with this media driven ploy of speaking for the Veterans For A Strong America.

All he or his people had to do was Google this group or the their leader, Joel Arends to uncover some unsavory facts.  Like, you can’t even join this group if you wanted to.

Unfortunately, it seems all this rally did was raise cash for this bogus non-profit.  It did nothing to to help veterans.  It did a lot to discredit this man who seeks the highest office in the world

Read the article below and be sure to watch Rachel Maddow’s in-depth report on Veterans For A Strong America and Joel Arends.

Most of us are appalled by the things Donald Trump has to say. He has been very callous with his disrespect towards war hero John McCain while venerating our troops in the next breath. So it makes sense that he may have helped a shady veterans’ group raise funds that does not actually work for veterans’ advocacy. On Tuesday, he appeared on the USS Iowa in Los Angeles to accept an endorsement from a “nonprofit” veterans group, Veterans for a Strong America, headed by huckster Joel Arends.

Arends’ group, according to the Associate Press lost its nonprofit status in early August for not filing tax returns, which would let us know how the group collects money and how it spends it. According to OpenSecrets.org, the group presently has $30 on hand and $318 in debts, which might explain why they held a fundraiser rally featuring Trump as main speaker – charging up to $1,000 a person…

…Rachel Maddow points out, in the video below, it appears as if Arends is the only member of Veterans for a Strong America, and it is actually not possible to join this organization. Making matters worse, Arends was not only involved with a fake U.S. Senate candidate in South Dakota, he was also involved a phony super PAC scam in Texas, and he is currently under investigation in Arizona…

You can read the whole sordid story here.

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