Ben Carson: Vilifies VA Incompetence, Corruption – Vows Reform

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Amid the ineptitude we lose 22 veterans a day to suicide

Presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson knows first hand the anguish suffered by wounded and injured warriors.  His internships and residencies placed him at the bedsides of many broken heroes.  He is personally appalled and sickened by the total ineptitude of the Veterans Administration to treat and care for those who sacrificed so much.

In the following article, Dr. Carson blasts the VA for the recent scandal that revealed over 300,000 veterans may have died while waiting for care. Astonishingly, reports published over a year ago revealed the massive falsification and manipulation of patients records, only 8 VA employees have been fired.

The billions of taxpayer dollars that have been poured into this bureaucratic behemoth have not fixed the problems.

Read this startling article by Dr. Carson below.  It will shake you up.


As a doctor, I saw veterans’ bravery from the bedside, and now I can end the inefficiency and scandal.



A few days before Labor Day, as Americans prepared for the end of summer, we learned that some 300,000 U.S. veterans might have died while waiting for health care at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Yet due to “generally unreliable” VA data and ineffective systems, even this critical statistic could not be confirmed…

…Today, while many committed leaders and servants toil at the VA, its performance is marred by incompetence and corruption bred by structural impediments and bureaucratic indifference. The astonishing findings of public and private audits have turned out to be much worse than anyone suspected. In May of last year, Americans discovered that VA employees across the country had falsified and manipulated patient appointment records — leaving veterans seeking treatment in long or futile waiting lines while the employees themselves were receiving fat bonuses. After the scandal, a new VA secretary, Robert McDonald, pledged to clean house, but as of February this year, nearly a year after the scandal came to light, only eight employees out of more than 340,000 on the VA’s payroll had been fired for their role in manipulating wait times…

Meanwhile, decades of effort and billions of taxpayer dollars have been thrown at “fixing” the VA, and the results have been abysmal. The backlog of veterans waiting for treatment or disability classification is stupendous, and drives them to frustration and even desperation. The lack of integrated records management continues to defy the millions of IT dollars that have poured into the agency…

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…Additionally, the VA’s health system has not adapted to meet the changing needs of our veteran population. While tremendous advancements in battlefield medicine and treatment have occurred during the nation’s decade plus at war, the VA hews to an antiquated health system that does not take into account changing veteran demographics, increased severity of non-lethal injuries, a more transient veteran population, enhanced civilian medical technologies or increased need for connectivity in the information age.

Amid the egregious care and system-wide ineptitude, we lose 22 hopeless veterans to suicide every day…

…At a minimum, the Veterans Health Administration (the entity in the VA that provides health care) should be eliminated to forge a 21st century veterans health care solution. Such a significant organizational change no doubt requires further study and consideration, and I will be providing more details in the weeks and months to come. Meanwhile, the following improvements can and should be made immediately. The health of our brave men and women veterans deserve no less…

You can read the entire article written by Dr. Carson on USA Today

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