21 Never Before Seen Vietnam War Photos Will Haunt You

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Flashback – newly released photos are stirring reminder of innocence lost.

What’s going on in the photo above?  Why is the soldier raising his arms?  What happened to the wounded GI lying in the foreground?  Did they all make it out? Where are these veterans today? We will never know.

Below is a stunning photo gallery of lost photos of the Vietnam War.  Be sure to check out the photo of the young soldier reading a Playboy magazine below.  Don’t miss the photo of the GI with the fringed pompadour at the bottom of this page.  Guess regulation hair was lax over there.

You’ll want to scroll down to the bottom of page 2 for our favorite iconic (ironic) statement this young soldier is making.  And what ungodly thing is that GI holding up on page 4?  No wonder they called that place hell.

If you are moved by these photos, you’ll want to check out the following posts:

Check them out now.  These photos will stay with you for a while.

Take a look at the photos in the gallery and look into the eyes of the men who served in hell.

Soldier reading Playboy Magazine - Vietnam War

Navy SEALS taking target practice - Vietnam War

Army soldier in tank - Vietnam War

Airman - Vietnam War

Army soldier with automatic rifle - Vietnam War

More photos on the next page, including our favorite iconic (ironic) shot at the bottom of page 2.
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